Of course, ISIS is ethnic cleansing
(Instead Kerry to Middle East to give away Israel's military advantages)

TEA Party/non-elite Conservatives coalition push Perdue to run-off win
Georgia Dems had their own run-off.

How many times have you been told,
Don't look at the camera!

Bi-Lo is hiring in Orangeburg
Job Fair on Thursday..

Parent Coaches nixed at Berkley Co. Schools
tale of pros and cons..

Innocent until arrested..
on the other hand $28M is a lot of cabbage

MB sez: sorry, but you have to use our scary, licensed cab drives
How can you even think about depriving our city of your tax money!?

Convicted SC State Board Chairman claims he wasn't proven a public official
this really did happen..

4th Patient dies of Greenville Hospital System infection
Hospital lawyers still blaming the water - water system says not so fast..

Did you notice it was raining in Orangeburg?
In one place 4", in another, maybe 7"

When you sell out your school district for cash..
THIS is what happens..

Why has it been so cool this summer?
(Here's a hint: It's NOT Global Warming).. Joe Bastardi explains it all (as he has been doing for some time).

Trey Gowdy: "You don't know or you don't want to tell?" - DOJ: "both."
DOJ refuses to reveal anything about their IRS non-investigation

Feds tempting South Carolinians with SC tax money
wasteful windmill energy promoted..

Thank YOU, your Majesty!
Obama administration grants permission to East Coast to search for oil.

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A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

"It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it." - Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

Best Explanation of the
Federal Reserve

Alexis deTocqueville on the
How America might become a "Nanny" state.

Lord Acton's Axiom:
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, great men are most often bad, and there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder."

Other Quotes:
"Bureaucrats are the most despicable of persons, though they are needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble...   holders of little authority in which they delight...   Who can trust such creatures" - Cicero
"Who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed" - C.S.   Lewis, from his preface to Milton's Paradise Lost

Health Care: Can't Fix Complex Systems

On Obama's Tax Increases - Bar Stool Economics

Liberty Lovers & The Grid

Saving South Carolina Schools Pt 1
Saving South Carolina Schools Pt 2

National DEBT Clock*

*we do not count the Admin's accounting cheats!
add $124 Trillion for Unfunded Federal Mandates Forced on the States!






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A S.C. CITY-BY-CITY FORECAST MAP (of course, it's only accurate for 4½ hrs)



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Best S.C. Sports Site. Period.



(July 23, 2014) What will happen some time in the near future (near being defined as between now and a year from now) will decide whether SCOTUS is still a strict construction court or has evolved into the horror that was the Warren court which almost split the United States for a second time in 100 years. Today, the DC Circuit Court ruled that the strict writing of the Affordable Care Act says people can only be reimbursed for their premiums if their health care comes from a State ACA plan. Almost exactly one hour later, the 4th Circuit ruled that the undeniably clear wording of this part of the ACA was not clear and ruled against a similar case. Judge Bill Traxler was NOT one of the deciders, but he will be, before the case finally goes to the US Supremes - the entire 14 Judges will have to rule, now.

I would not dare to try to guess how this good man would rule, but I know he is not blind. The real question is why are we here in the first place? The real answer to the real question is our friends and neighbors, our children and maybe their children. We are here because America is too busy forcibly ignoring what is happening in the world around them. We are both the problem AND the solution.

The Affordable Care Act isn't affordable and Democrats who forced it down our throats don't care.

An example: the majority of young people under 24 WANT big government. But they want it if it doesn't cost them more. You see what's going here? Most parents don;t want to hear that they can't just sit back and let their world happen. They were promised in the 60's that they could do that. The churches preached "let go and let God" - but they thought they were being told just to ignore the world. Parents didn't show up to stop Schools from teaching that money didn't grow on trees, or that all cultural systems are equally valued.

The result is that we have had the longest regression of real economic progress since the beginning of the Republic. We owe so much money to ourselves and the enormous number of people around the world who bought the government's bonds, that we will have to work for many years before paying off the debt. Is it any wonder that the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), which were originally formed with America's help, in 2001, to speed up their economic growth, are looking for ways to avoid the effects of the coming international devaluation of the dollar.

But the most important result of lazy Americans' behavior is the cultural stupidity of thinking we can make everybody's health - even that of the lazy - a right. Not only is this a fool's errand, and a wickedly sinful concept, but it is unaffordable. Voluntarily making sure that you are your brother's keeper might just be affordable, but not a governmental mandate, whether you call it a tax or a rape. As the brilliant professor, Dr. Thomas Sowell has said, "It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it."

I cannot say it any better than that.



(July 22, 2014) Here is an article from The American Thinker from May of 2012 by Karin McQuillan. She is a much-hated journalist by classic Liberal anti-semites and Progressive bigots - the kinds of people that hate Jews and claim all Red Sea Pedestrians are dishonest bankers, and that Islamicists are just poor, helpless victims. The article is called "Hitler's Long Shadow over Israel." When you read it, you will be astounded at how naive we all have been.

As for me, I knew about the Islamicist connection to Nazi Germany, but had never seen any actual evidence. Had I seen that evidence earlier (which I have seen, now, and it is very real), I would probably have been far more vicious in my attacks on Islamicists.

This photograph is NOT "photoshopped." You can find such signs all over the place in the Middle East. It has been authenticated time after time. THIS photo was taken at a protest by Islamicists in Illinois.

As for Islam itself.. well.. there is Sufi Islam, which is a type of mysticism with an Islamic bent. For the rest? Without the scimitar conversions and the Sharia reduction of women to chattel, the other denominations of Islam may well be a religion of peace as they claim. In the meantime, I'm going to withhold my judgment. Read the article, here.



(July 21, 2014) 95% of incoming illegal kids are here because Univisión, the premier Spanish language television channel, told them it was ok. Where did Univisión get that idea? Univisión says that Obama was explicit in his encouragement in the 3 times he appeared on the channel. They were so upset with him, according to WaPo, the last time he was on, that he seemed to stumble and mumble (curiously, The Washington Post has pulled their webpage story on this event.)

Now, there has always been an enormous gap between what Obama says and what he does. Over the centuries, people who practice this strange form of diplomacy wind up, figuratively, hanging from their own political gibbet.

When you say one thing and do another, you make yourself unbelievable. Obama has made himself and America look weak. He has, in turn, made all our allies look weak. And, even worse, he has made our enemies and competitors look strong. He thought that this was the way to insure peace in the world. He was pathetically and dangerously wrong.

Perception: Is there a crisis or three or eight? Well, then.. let's go play golf! Yahoo! Suck it, you dumb taxpayers!

Of all people, the student of Cloward-Piven should know that if the optics are bad, HE looks bad. Somehow, that means nothing to him - again, a very dangerous situation.

If he were a strong leader, and America continued the image of strength passed down to him from Reagan, '41, Clinton, and '43, do you really think Russian troops dressed up like Ukrainian rebels hiding pieces of the plane they shot down? Do you really think illegals would be pouring over the border? Do you really think our government would have to lie to us about Benghazi, IRS cheating, Global Warming, NSA snooping, and World tranquility?

The real problem is that world can't tell if Obama is a crafty economic fascist, or do they see him as merely a moron?



(July 20, 2014) First of all, let's define terms: An Islamicist is someone who uses the religion of Islam as an excuse to promote the hopes and goals of a group of fundamentalists, backed and funded by drug sales in the US, as well as the nations of Russia, Iran, Korea, Syria, Qatar, and some in the Saudi family.

An Islamicist is a heretical, murdering, homophobic, misogynist fascist - something our current President does not appear to act as if he understands. The ontological theology of Islam, itself, has problems with assertive women - even moreso the Islamicist who uses some Qur'an verses as an ideological cudgel against the fairer sex.

Isamicists are already among us. Some have been here since Carter was President. Some are coming over the border right now. What is astounding is that the CIA did not share this kind of information with the FBI until 2001. Some say the NSA still has information that they have not shared, but there is no way to prove or disprove that.

When the government militia cannot or will not do its duty, for whatever reason, citizens must protect themselves by forming independent, voluntary militias. Not just children are coming over the border. There were two MS-13 members in this group of "children." The photo was supplied with all faces covered.

Shi'ite Muslims are the major denomination of Iran. Suni Muslims used to be the peaceful Muslins in the Mideast, so we thought. But that all changed many years ago. Saddam Hussein was empowered by Sunis as much as the CIA, during the Iran-Iraq War, and the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. Now, thanks to so many, many bad men in the Middle East and the many US missteps for so long, we have seen radicals in both denominations join hands against the West. Denominations joining together to wage war is as old as the religion itself.

As I have reminded readers since back in the 20th Century, we should have a punitive expeditionary force - a true Delta Force, if you will. Terrorists have already tried to kill our Presidents, over the last 30 years, so not having a Tom Clancy-type Delta Force has not stopped assassination attempts, as such "peace moves" were purported to have done. I still believe such a force should have been used - IN 1993 - to bring Usama bin Ladin to justice, and then the mountains of Afghanistan should have been leveled with Atomic bombs, so that nothing human could hold up there for centuries. So, even though wolves and rats have been shown to live in radiation-saturated areas with general genetic impunity, it would have worked.

Even so, what 'W' did was working.. until 2009.

Now, the woulda-shoulda-coulda of the Iraqi wars have become moot. We are where we are. We were in a strong position when Obama took over the pilot's seat. Now, everything he has touched has turned to dust. Did he mean to touch everything so poorly? "What difference at this point does it make?" He has shown that he cannot guide the boat. We need somebody else. Now. But that's not going to happen.

We cannot reasonably depend on the current Federal Government to do anything to protect America. Instead, we need to make sure that we all have the ability to defend ourselves on a state and personal level - to treat the problem symptomatically. So that, when some Islamicist clown tries to bomb another road race or program a kid to shoot up another school, we won't have to wait for help to come, or hide under a desk, or run away, screaming. It even works on the "Punk" problem. The answer to insane aggression is sane aggression. Get legal defense mechanisms. Learn to use them. Make sure you are abiding by the law when you carry. Most importantly, organize, proselytize, and fire any public official who stands in the way of common sense protection for our homes, ours businesses, our streets, and our schools.

It is not a sin to shoot somebody who wants to kill you. Remember, an armed society is a polite society. It's time to take responsibility for ourselves.



(July 18, 2014) All puppies and most cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

Liberals love soccer, but can't tell you why. Puppies can't talk, but they aren't responsible for the "tranquility of the... um.. er.. world," either.

Precious soccer puppy looks indignant at America's loss or indignant that some liberal human made him pose with a dumb soccer ball.



(July 17, 2014) I remember joking on the air, back in the '70's that, eventually, the intellectually weak would force the execution process to take so long, that the ACLU would sue because the process was taking too long. That is precisely what has happened in California. And it's not a joke.

Only Mel Brooks could make fun of an execution. Unfortunately, the ACLU has made a joke of one of America's most potent solutions.

Remember that everyone benefits from a "speedy trial." The Constitutional Fathers insisted that a timely trial was the answer to a practice which the King of England - and every other monarch and dictator in history - had done up until the foundation of the USA. Arresting and postponing trial indefinitely. Not warriors from an enemy country, but common, legal citizens disappeared for all practical purposes - hence, the 6th Amendment:

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence." - 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution

This ruling would also activate the "cruel and unusual punishment" prohibition of the 8th, but then everything does, these days Also With the evolution of "relative cultures theory", not killing murderers to get them out of OUR misery has changed to an unfortunate and erroneous ethical concept that capital criminals can be "healed" of their murderous criminality. It is not surprising, then, that in a world in which the media does not accurately report all sides of a story, people have become lazy in their election of representatives, voting for the feeling which is covered, rather than the logic which is not.

It is also not surprising that a judge in California ruled Wednesday that execution of capital criminals was against the Constitution because the conviction process was taking too long.

Yes, people need to wake up and shorten the time it takes from conviction to execution. Even so, if this ruling is allowed to stand, not only will the rest of the country rue the embrace of this sort of moral cowardice, California will become a kingdom of murder. And if California does it, some weak-willed, simple-minded politician in this state will want to do it, too. And the circus will spit out their tea, eat the trained donkeys, and bury the dead elephants.



(July 16, 2014) Too much rain, too hot, too muggy, I'm back, early. Probably best, anyway. In case you haven't been keeping count, our President just cannot tell the truth. While he swears to you that he is beefing up the Border Patrol, the Border Patrol is saying 70% of their numbers have been taken off the front lines to do nanny-service. I had to say something.

What I have to say was said better by a guy with a sign in one of the border towns. It read "BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO STEAL MY STUFF." How elegant. How simple, how true, how totally ignored by our President and his dog, Eric.

In the old days, they used to hang theives from the nearest tree. When you stole back then, it could mean the difference between life and death. It still does, but most of us are too numbed to recognize a crook, when we see one.



(July 12, 2014) All puppies and most cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

When Labs are just born, they look a lot like Chihuahuas, which is great for this puppy - it means he can stay and gets lots of free stuff..

Yeah, I'm laughing - you bet I'm laughing - I'm home free..



(July 10, 2014) And we all slept or watched a stupid soccer game(!) while Mexico and Guatemala cut a deal which basically screws any effort to staunch the flood of illegals across our border. The two Presidents sold Obama down the canal by opening both their borders to facilitate smoother and larger escapes from their crappy countries into ours. You can read all about it in the Mexican rag of record, el Universal. Don't read Spanish? then download this pdf file that has the original announcement and the English translation. And if you're still not convinced, here is a broad sheet that is being circulated with Mexico's knowledge.

Presidents of Mexico and Gautemala agree to shift their poor (and drug dealers) to America.

Now, pay attention: Obama says he knew nothing about this invasion of teenagers, bums, druggies, bangers, and a few real children from south of the border. Never mind that there are emails directly linked to notification of the exact number of people coming north - back in January.

Now people are putting 2-2 together and getting O. You have to ask yourself, is all of this happening to fulfill some bizarre Cloward-Piven strategy? It must be true, because, even before this news was made public (in Spanish), emails show that the Administration already knew they were coming. Now that the Guatemalans and the Mexicans have made it easier for their dregs to get to America, expect the timid declarations of Obama to be ignored even more than they already are.

Can't help thinking there are going to be transfer "fees." Else how can they afford to buss and train teenagers and gang members by the bushel into our country?

If, indeed, the President knew about this influx then there are serious questions that need to be answered in order for Obama to avoid being accused of a trio of federal crimes.



(July 9, 2014) I would love to tall you that I have heard from two sources I hadn't heard from since my TV days and one of my regular sources, and that I have some amazing news to tell you. I would love to, but I can't, because no such thing has happened. In fact, I haven't heard from any of my sources - sources whom I normally hear from, on subjects like this. Maybe they don't know. It's even possible that they don't care. Maybe it's just too much to ask such questions. But, you know, sometimes you just have to ask.

Anti-missile missile takes off to intercept Hamas' missile attack - visible evidence of the success of Project Iron Dome which had been under development since the creation of the Israeli state, and was completed when President Obama canceled missile protection for Turkey and Poland and DefSec Clinton hinted that Israel would get the same treatment they had gotten under her husband.

Is it possible that there are missiles being fired at Israel is because earlier today, Obama's opinion piece ran in an Israeli newspaper, praising Hamas/Palestinian leader, President Abbas, and mentioning Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, only once, and that, in passing. Was it a dog whistle to the terrorists our President seems to have embraced, wholeheartedly?

Helen Freaking Keller could see that someone who's supposed to be your ally shouldn't be supporting the other side, while talking up your side. Did the Palestinian Hamas get the message, and are responding with un-guided missiles?

In any case, this whole business engenders two more questions; When are Israel and the Jews going to understand that American Liberals are anti-Semitic and have been since before the turn of the 17th Century? And when are they going to realize that it's the American Conservative Christians who are their real friends?



(July 8, 2014)

Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine
He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine

We met down on the fort of Rio Grande
We met down on the fort of Rio Grande
Eat the salted peanuts out of can
Eat the salted peanuts out the can

The outlaws had us pinned down at the fort
The outlaws had us pinned down at the fort
Cisco came in blastin', drinkin' port
Cisco came in blastin', drinkin' port

They rode the sunset, horse was made of steel
They rode the sunset, horse was made of steel
Chased the gringo last night through a field
Chased the gringo last night through a field

The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
The Cisco Kid he was a friend of mine
The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
                  - "The Cisco Kid" - War - 1971

I loved the old Cisco Kid two-reelers on Saturday mornings at the 5-Points Theatre. It made me have warm feelings for our neighbors to the South. Still does. But so-called "Hispanic community organizers" have turned the image of a once self-reliant, God-loving, family-oriented people into just another hand out. I really believe it's not even the majority of legal immigrants' fault. They are still responsible people. But our President has created a horror of illegality, disease, and confusion - all for votes.

I really thought Charles Krauthammer would have nailed it last night on Special Report, the 6:00pm ET political news and opinion program on the Fox News Channel. The question was on the illegal immigration mess at the border. There is clear evidence that the administration intended these children to arrive some time in very late Spring or Early Summer. They even advertised for companies to help them move the children surreptitiously and illegally across the border.

But WHY? The pundit of the purple sage gave an excellent general answer, pointing out that Obama's definition of his border policy is tantamount to the confuse-a-cat skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus. It's perfectly correct and makes sense, but it's not the complete answer.

I believe an additional answer is obvious: If the illegal parents are joined up with their illegal children, they become even more pathetic figures as a family unit than they are alone.

We all know that the President is not only a cynic, but also an economic fascist. He has allowed the Federal Reserve to make the American Dollar worthless - ask the Germans what they think of the buck - and is about to force other countries of the world to abandon the US$ for world trade. It could happen at any time.

But there is another, darker possibility which could be true as well. How do we KNOW that these children are only half of the plan? Were the illegal parents who are already here, invited on purpose? Probably not. But at some point, to quote a famous American failure, "What difference does it make?" Maybe the children will not go to parents, but to illegal tíos y tías (uncles and aunts), and themselves become pathetic targets, calling to mama y papa to join them.. and why not? The food, shelter, and clothing, the cellphones, the cars, and the schools are free!

This is, obviously, long term planning come to fruition. The consequences are not a mistake. They are not by chance, or even by mistake. On any one of these points, the President has committed a felony. Wouldn't it be interesting if Texas Gov. Rick Perry had Obama arrested, on constitutional grounds? He could, you know..

Elections HAVE consequences. The President said he was going to fundamentally change America. So far, our dumbfounded legislators have let him.



(July 7, 2014) There are two large factions in favor of ANY immigration program which makes it LOOK as if they care about illegals: Large corporations looking for below market price cheap labor and large farming corporations, some of whom have always misused migratory labor, most especially in California. These are your Legislative RINOs and liberal Republicans.

Tied up in this mess is the small farmer who has always used migrating labor at harvest time, many in South Carolina, which now tends to be, in large part, Latino. The small farmer may not want to use illegals during their picking seasons, but many have already aligned themselves with big farming interests just to keep from being caught in whatever change would come from enforcement of immigration law.

Trabajadores on a South Carolina farm line up for chow at lunchtime. Illegal aliens will force these workers to make less, removing any real market force they have now. In a free capitalist market, an ample, steady supply of labor creates an equilibrium between wages and cost, while an unlimited supply of illegal labor creates a downward pressure on wages - often to below poverty levels - as well as creating an unreal ratio between wages and cost which destroys forecasting in cash AND future contract markets.

If you add to these combined pressure groups, the other large faction - the united goofballs in the Democrat party, with their gazillionaire* bankers and Wall Streeters who don't know what American virtue supplies their money, much less know how to protect America - you should be able to account for most of the money in American politics. Not most of the people - just most of the money.

Sensible Americans know that you can help people without giving away the store. Most would favor a plan which denies citizenship with its benefits while allowing them to work and pay taxes or leave, but they also know that their President is such an incredible liar, that whatever he proposes will probably either not come true, or be a falsehood from the beginning. That leaves Congress, with Harry Reid clogging sensible legislation like a load clogging a Clinton-toilet, and we've already discussed where the money is on this issue.

Is it any wonder that both Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Congressmen want to support something which garners them cash for their campaigns? What do we, as Americans, do about it? My guess is that only citizens voting against anyone supporting immigration with some sort of amnesty attached can stem this tide of greed and ruinous stupidity.

* (a gazillion is ten times more than a honeycartload which is ten times more than a buncha.)



(July 5, 2014) All puppies and most cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

This one was donated by a reader with a note that read, "Metaphor 'for the children - the reason employed by every liberal to enslave everybody else.'"

Not much we can add to this..



(July 4, 2014) On this Independence Day, I want to share with you a vision of what America could have been, or could be. The words come from L. Neil Smith's marvelous sequel to his outstanding Novel, The Probability Broach.   The American Zone picks up several years later when our hero, Win Bear, from a universe in which America is only slightly different from the one we all live in, here in reality, gets involved in another plot to make his adopted universe more like the ones in other universes. Can the North America Confederacy survive? Read both volumes and you can find out.

What makes the North American Confederacy (in this universe there was NO civil war - go figure) so special is that it is pure libertarian. You really have to read the novels to get Smith's complete view - I have added some information found in [brackets] to help you understand a little better. Enjoy the following few words, and may The Fourth Be With You!

The North American Confederacy is not a culture inhabited exclusively by saints, believe me. There's no lobby here at all for anything resembling patriotism, altruism, or civic virtue. What most United Statesians [people from other universes] fail to comprehend when they're first informed of it, is that what makes the place tick isn't the kindness, decency, or rationality Olongo [Great Ape president of the NAC] had referred to (although I like to think he's right about all of that), or even the love of liberty for its own sake - leave that us huddled masses - but pure, unvarnished greed.

Every Confederate child is taught at his mother's knee to avoid being taken advantage of, just as he's taught to check the chamber of his pistol or count his change or (sometimes the hard and final way, at the hands of his intended victim) that crime can be as dangerous to any would-be practitioner as juggling bottles of nitro-glycerin. The time-honored expression, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch*," is more than just a slogan here, it's a statement of natural law, and a courteous warning. [*TANSTAAFL first appeared in works by science fiction genius Robert A Heinlein, to whom L. Neil Smith has been compared.]

Immigrants from a hundred thousand Americas, brought up foolishly dependent on the false comfort of government's "protection," must learn all these lessons and more… Without zoning laws, building codes, [government] trade commissions, or professional licensure, some fall victim to loan sharks, snake-oil salesmen, and crooks of every sort except the political variety - most of whom are bluebacks [slang for people from other United States universes] like themselves, preying on their own kind. Many newcomers suffered from the same disorienting experiences were reported in the late twentieth century of my world by Communist refugees to the relatively better-off United States [Win Bear had come from a United States in which Keanu Reeves had played Superman]. Failing that, they tended to pile up like dirty snowdrifts in places like the American Zone and whimper for somebody to pass laws that would turn the Confederacy into the same kind of stagnant cesspool they escaped from.

"Always, it's the kids," I rattled on,"who serve as an excuse to demand special rules - drug laws, tobacco and alcohol prohibition, censorship, gun control - (so far, thank Gallatin, without success) [in this universe Albert Gallatin did NOT talk the PA farmers out of the Whiskey Rebellion] - which would restrict the individual pursuit of happiness and destroy everything that made the Confederacy the haven of liberty they escaped to so gratefully, once upon a time."

The American Zone by L. Neil Smith is an adventure set in an alternate universe where absolute libertarianism prevails in an America which never had a Civil War and Franklin and Hamilton were exiled to Europe.. The link to the Amazon ordering page - it's also available on Kindle.

Now, I'm not saying we should do exactly this, but, considering just what a complete "cloister fork" our loss of personal freedoms, miserable economic results, and foreign policy screwups have been caused by the past 21 years of government growth, isn't it time to back off the "government can solve our problems" thing.

So far there are at least two more novels that take place in this libertarian universe. I do not know if we will ever reach this political perfection. But I do know that what makes it perfect is not the perfection of mankind, but the perfect pathway to allow humans to be human. Free will. Self-responsibility. And absolute liberty to live and to fail by your own hand. GOD SAVE AMERICA!


ARTHUR SCARES CHARLESTON, MYRTLE BEACH.'s editor-in-chief is a weather geek. When the weather effects South Carolina, you will find out about it, here. It's been that way since 2004. Of course, he's been that way since 1971.

(July 3, 2014) The Weather information on became vitally important to our readers, as Hurricane Arthur plowed its way up the South Carolina coast. Tens of thousands of you dropped in to see what was going on. As it turned out, some of the refurbishing done after the last hurricane held up a lot better than many county councils thought, and trees fell and lightning hit a couple of residences, but that was pretty much it.

We were glad to have the most comprehensive collection of free, no registration, up-to-the-minute weather maps and forecast maps of any news web page in the state, so you could see for yourself in real time.. Now, our new readers to that they can always come to this page to find out the very latest. Because our maps update AUTOMATICALLY.



(July 2, 2014) I got a phone call from a friend about six minutes after four (ET) on Tuesday. He was literally fizzling, he was fuming so much. It sounded as if spittle was blasting from his mouth as he defamed the Stock Market, the Merc, the NASD, and anybody else who had anything to do with the buying and selling of stocks.

See, he didn't believe that the market is rigged, so, this morning he spent an ungodly amount of money getting into the market. He's well known by the trading company he uses with his home computer, and so he gets his market orders executed on time and with a computerized smile. And, too bad for him.

Joe, we'll call him, bought when the market was roaring up 95 points. In order for him to make a profit, the market would have had to go up 160 points. And it did. He was elated, and went off to get a haircut, having no idea of the symbolism that it was going to represent.

"Joe" buys stocks which is linked to the Dow, at a little after 10am just as it surged upwards. Unfortunately, it was also the same time the Dow peaked. When he sees his stocks surging, around Noon-ish, he hops out for that haircut. By the time he gets back, the stocks have faded, but he holds on and it does start to go up, again, but then the big banks sell into the surge and he sells with them. By the time his sales settle, he loses about a dollar per share when fees and taxes are assessed.

You can guess what happened. By the time he got back, with his locks shorn, the market had slipped back to up 145. He waited, thinking it was going to get better. Then at 3:55, he realized he had been skunked, as the market droped another 20 points, and he was seriously in the red. Millions of shares later, he just had a few hundred in the bet, the market close up about 120 points and he was furious. The big banks had sold Tuesday into the phony upsurge they had created, rather than Thursday, before the Fourth, in order to get out before everybody else.

I tried to calm him, but somehow, "I told you so" just didn't cut it. I had warned him that the lack of volume should have told him what was going to happen to his his day-trading efforts. Even modestly larger investors don't have a chance against the Federally fueled large banks who are using their "loaned" money to buy stocks to push the market up, to give the appearance that the economy is in good shape.

But he thought he knew better. Don't feel sorry for him - "Joe" has plenty more where that came from. And maybe, just maybe, he'll stay out of the market until the current administration has gone away like the bad dream it is. Until then.. Oh well, oh well..



(July 1, 2014) President Obama came on TV on Monday to scold America for not liking the way he's running America like a cheap Argentine cathouse. Now he was actually using the word "Republican," but since only 32% of America like to be treated like a two dollar prostitute, most people knew he was talking about them, us, Americans. You know - fly-over people - who don't appreciate his efforts to bankrupt our children's children's children's children

Having been told that he can't, Constitutionally, do the things he has been doing without Congressional approval, he said he was going to do it AGAIN. Yes, he's going to send ICE agents back to the border, but our sources say that he wants to confront the militias that are already there, keeping illegals out of the country. Our sources also say that the word will be delivered soon, that Texas is the prime target for two reasons - if possible, cause a political crisis and attempt to embarrass the current Governor.

President Obama peers out the window, looking as if he and his peeps were trying to see if any of the reporters were carrying. Apparently no-one was. However, the reporters were carrying plenty of softballs.

But if that's all he had said, his little speech would have mostly gone over as simple food for the network newsies. But then, he had to add something that showed just how desperate or ignorant he was. He said that immigration (not illegal immigration) was a humanitarian crisis had not worked because of the TEA party. THE ONE AND ONLY TEA PARTY! No mention of his complete policy failures, of course.

Our beloved President just cannot keep his mouth shut. It is a fantasy to think that a well-organized, national TEA Party has done anything. Why? Because there ISN'T any well organized national TEA Party. There are hundreds of independent TEA Parties with hundreds of members. And this disorganized group of patriots is precisely what Obama and his advisers fear. They can't control it, define it, or defeat it without declaring martial law, hunting us all down, and murdering us, one by one.

The only humanitarian crisis in our country is President Obama's war on America.


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